1969             Born in Copenhagen, Denmark




2000             Competition Aerobatics

1999 - 2000   Aerobatics training Chandler Air Service and Boggan

1993 - 1998   The Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Denmark

1995 - 1997   Goldsmith's College of Fine Arts, London, England

1996             PPL Clacton Aero Club, Clacton on Sea



Selected solo exhibitions:


2007             Solo Show, Art Brussels, Martin Asbūk Projects, Brussels, Belgium

                   Galerie Madonna FUST, Bern.


2006             VOLTAShow, Martin Asbūk Projects, Basel, Switzerland

                   OPEN SKY, Malmš Konsthall, Malmš, Sweden

                   Stafet i frit rum, Airplay, Copenhagen


2003                  Crossing Line. Fragments from a micro global performance, Galerie Asbūk, Copenhagen, Denmark


2001             Up in the Air, Schnitt Austellungsraum, Kšln, Germany

                   Second to none, Skive Kunstmuseum, Denmark

                   Downed by Weather, Ronneby Sweden


2000             Sisters in the Sky, Project room, ARCO, Madrid, Spain


1998             Simone Aaberg Kūrn, Jyllands Postens exhibition room, Copenhagen, Denmark


1995             Wanna fly, Saga basement, Colbjornsensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

                   Air, Kunstakademiets kunstforening, Copenhagen, Denmark


1992             Diftong, Artist space Katharsis, Nansensgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

                   Pause, Bunkeren pa Frederik den V's vej, Copenhagen, Denmark



Selected group exhibitions:


2007             IS THIS FICTION? Istanbul Modern 5th Videoprogramme, curated by Rosa Martinez, Istanbul, Turkey  

Symposium C6: The Artworld is Flat: Globalism – Crisis and Opportunity, Jay Pritzker Pavilion, Chicago, US
ŌTippingPoint Germany 2007 Ð A dialogue between climate science and the artsÓ

2006             Sonoric Perspectives – Ostsee Biennale der Klangkunst, Germany, Sweden, Denmark

                   ArtForum Berlin


2005             Helden Heute, CentrePasquArt, Biel Bienne, Switzerland               

                   Baby Shower, Wilders, Copenhagen, Denmark


2004             Med kūrlig hilsen, Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, Denmark

                   Mois de la Photo, Chromosome, Berlin, Germany


   2003            Defying Gravity: Contemporary Art and Flight, North Carolina Museum of Art, U.S.A.

                   Gšteborg International Art Biennale, Gothenborg, Sweden

Europe Exists, Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art (curated by Rosa Martinez and Harald Szeemann)

                   Up & Coming (curated by Rosa Martinez), ARCO, Madrid, Spain

                   M.ars and War, Graz, Austria


2002             Clocwise, Vejle Kunstmuseum, Denmark

                   TERROR-ISME, Christian DamGallery, Copenhagen


2001             Get that Balance, K2 Hamburg


2000             Pusan International Contemporary Art Festival, curated by Rosa Martinez, Pusan, Korea


1999             48th international Venice Biennale, dAPERTutto, Venice, Italy

Zeitwenden, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, and Stiftung fŸr Kunst und Kultur, Bonn, Germany

Looking for a PLACE, The Third International Biennual, SITE Santa Fe, NM USA


1998             Nordic Normads, White Columns, NY

                   Something is rotten, Museum Fridericianum, Kassel, Germany

                   Come Closer, Liechtensteinische Staatliche Kunstsammlung

                   Nuit Blanche, MusŽe d'Art Moderne Ville de Paris, Paris, France


1997             10, Lunds Kunsthall, Lund , Sweden

New Art from Denmark and Scania, Louisiana Museum of Contemporary Art, DK



Selected videos and films


"Smiling in a War Zone" 78 min. movie for cinema, together with Magnus Bejmar, 2005.

"1001 nights 2002" 10 min. video documentaion of performance, with or without installation.

"Terror... Pressurised  could you, would you?" 3 min. video installation

"Taraneh heading for the Stars" 10 min. video documentary and dual screen 10 min. DVD projection 2002

"Show me with your hands CPH" 3 min. Single channel video with sound. 2001

"Second to none" 8 min. 2 channel video installation with sound. 2001

"Show me with your hands Korea "3 min. 1 or 3 channel video installation

with sound, Korea 2000.

" Breaking Ground" 3 min. 3 channel DVD video installation with surround

sound. 2000.

" Show me with your hands USA" 1999-2000.

Sisters in the Sky, documentary DR tv/ Zentropa 1998-1999 4 x 29 min. with

Stine Kirstein

" Camping in the clounds" 3 min. single channel video with sound. Los Alamos


"White" Bird eye Turf - San Diego. 30 min. video no sound. 1998.

"Sisters in the sky" the Russians, 3 min. single channel video with sound.


"15 in 15 minutes" 15 min. single channel video no sound. 1996

"Royal Greenland" 10 min. single channel video installation with sound.

"Drop Zone" 10 min. 2 channel video installation with sound. 1995-96

"wanna fly" 5 channel video installation 1995

"Air" 5 min. video installation with sound 1994-1995.

"Dromostol" 2 channel video installation with sound. 1994

"Dromobil" 2 min. single channel video with sound. 1994

"Safety control" single channel video installation 30 min. 1994.

"Fit for Life" 2 min. single channel video with sound. 1994.

"Scorpio montage" single channel video installation no sound. 1993

"The blue light" 2 channel video installation 1993.

   " Pause" No cannel video installation 4 monitors. 1992.






2004            Danish Art CriticsÕ Award, for Crossing Line, Galerie Asbūk (2003)

2005             First Camera Award,




    2001       Simone Aaberg Kūrn - Schnitt RAUM – Kšln

2002      Secnd to None –Skive kunst museum, text Simone Aaberg Kūrn.

2006       OPEN SKY, Malmš Konsthall with texts by e.g. Lars Bang Larsen.